Putting together a solid wardrobe is like building a house.  First we select our classic must haves–much in the way of framing out the walls of house–and then we add in trends–like painting the walls of the house and giving a home its personality.

This week I covered the classic black pant and trendy black pants, like Victoria Beckham’s cropped suit pant and Robert Cavalli’s wide legged trousers.  I also shared my love for everything rosy, including Dolce & Gabbana’s preppy rose collection.  Personally, I was eager to put pair the classic black pant with a floral pattern, so I headed out to my favorite shops and searched for the perfect floral for me.

I found this floral blouse by Dahlia and paired it with a pair of classic black trousers and heels.


I also put together a few more outfits pairing the classic black trouser with a denim jacket or trendy plaid.  Of course I love the trendy black wide legged pant and can’t wait to pair it with both a wrap top blouse or a kimono.  And last, wouldn’t this fall’s skinny tie scarves look perfect with the cropped black pant with heels?  I also thought the high necked, lacy Victorian blouse that is all the rage this fall would be cute too!


Black Pants paired with Trends Fall 2015


Stayed tuned.  Next week I’ll be talking classic midi skirts and the trendy carwash pleat.   In the meantime, have a fabulous week and remember that your style and fashion are  fun forms of self expression.  As always, wear what makes you feel good about yourself and have fun with it!


I’m loving the style ideas in this article by Everygirl which details  the “21 items every woman should have to get through her twenties.”   Items include everything from ballet flats and running shoes to the LBD (little black dress) and skinny jeans.   Their list is tailored for 20 somethings but as a gal in her thirties, I am on board with the list and appreciate their expansion list for 30 somethings, especially the fun red dress and collection of blouses.

A staple of every fashionable wardrobe, as recommended by Everygirl, is the classic black pant.  Being that I’m a big fan of black (and how fabulous this color makes me feel), I thought it would be fun to look at hot black pants for fall 2015 and the style icons who’ve made the black pant the fashion star it is today.

Let’s look at some cute black pants that you’ll see on the runway and in shops this fall.



Accessorize your cropped black trouser with fun shoes and ankle socks . . .

Victoria Beckham cropped suit trousers 

Victoria Beckham cropped suit trousers



And Dakota Johnson looks like a sweetheart in black.  Classic black trousers that is . . . although monochromatic grey is all the rage this fall too.


**Dress up your classic black slacks with black heels and a sweetheart corset**

Stella Mccartney Jasmine Trousers

 Wide legged black pants were strut all over the runways for Fall and Winter 2015.
Hot hot hot.  Flirty, comfy, and so feminine. Why not?  You can find your own flowy black trousers by Roberto Cavalli.

And remember ladies, the black pant is classic for a reason.  These style icons made it a part of their look and ours too.  Aren’t you glad?  I am (wink).

Elizabeth Taylor C. 1956 © 1978 Wallace Seawell MPTV

Elizabeth Taylor: Get Her Look

jean patchett

Jean Patchett: Get Her Look

Black pants are classic and should be included in every woman’s closet–and day to day lives.  We can all rock a pair of black pants–pairing them with blouses and dressing them for the occasion.  I am currently enjoying a love affair with my black Jones New York Soho pant.   Of course, there are many black pants in my closet and in future.  Stayed tuned for some looks I’ve put together with the classic black pant . . .


Roses are easing us into the fall season.  Put on those rose colored glasses with some pink and red, and voila.

Alex Lubomirski is rosy for Harpers Bazaar





And Dolce & Gabbana is rosy too.


Dolce & Gabbana Winter Rosesdolce-and-gabbana-fall-winter-2015-2016-collection-womenswear-roses-shop-by-look-1180x1848-mediumWinter Rose Dolce & Gabbana



Rose Baby Doll Dress


Forever 21

Rose Print Smocked Shorts



Forever 21

Target Floral Print Wallet with Clasp



Vintage Scoop Neck Sleeveless Rose Pleated Dress




A few of my favorites. . .

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A few of my favorite fashion icons . . .

Who’s yours?