Boot Socks

Riding boots are among my clients’ favorite footwear for their photo sessions.  We photograph women ages 0-90 and it seems all of the ladies are in favor of wearing knee high boots.



















A trend that has accompanied the riding boot fashion craze is wearing boot socks.  Women wear ruffled socks, crocheted socks, and layered nylon socks to add a little extra style to their riding boot look.

Becky at Becky Thompson wrote the following tutorial for how to make your very own knitted riding boot socks.





















Boot socks can be worn with a variety of boot styles from mid-calf to booties to over the knee boots.  Not sure what to wear your different boots with?  Check out this article at 417.

















A variety of retailers carry a wide range of boot sock styles.  To shop, check out this site or make your own!  Have fun wearing your boots this winter and fall and pairing them with adorable boot socks!


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