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Getting the Photos You Want

When I met Abby and her mom Lori to talk about planning Abby’s senior fashion session, I heard Abby express a concern I hear again and again from many of my clients, “The [insert big brand name] photography studio didn’t capture who I am.  My eyes were closed in the photos and I wasn’t given many options to choose from.”


I hear so many clients share a similar story; they went to a large studio and had photos taken by a person with a camera, but they weren’t pleased with how the photos turned out.  The lighting wasn’t flattering.  The posing was rigid, non-existent, or poorly executed.  And the results were the same: a dissatisfied client.

When Abby told me about her experience with the big name photography studio that photographed her entire senior class for yearbook photos, I really wanted to help give her a photo (or 50) that she could feel proud of.  I could see in her mother’s eyes that having a photo of her daughter that really captured her daughter’s personality was what she was hoping for; Lori wanted to be able to send out a photo of her daughter that not only looked fantastic but truly captured her daughter’s personality.

I immediately asked Abby to tell me about herself.  We sat down in my office and talked about what Abby was interested in as a high school senior, what her plans were beyond high school, and what she loved to do when she wasn’t studying.  I learned that Abby loved literature, writing and playing the guitar.  So I made sure we captured that side of her at her senior photo session.  Lori wanted Abby to be able to have a senior photo session that also had an artistic style with a lean towards fashion.  I was more than happy to help her and Abby get the results they were after.


On the day of her photo shoot, I arranged for Abby to have makeup and hair done with one of my best artists, Mindy.  We also selected outfits, jewelry, accessories and props, and selected a venue based around the feel that Abby wanted for her senior photos.  After having professional hair and makeup with Mindy, Abby and Lori met us at a gorgeous venue in Leesburg where we spent the next two hours moving from scene to scene and capturing the beauty that Abby is at this important time in her life.



In life, sometimes to get what you want, you have to ask for it.  When it comes to getting photographs of yourself that you can be proud of, I am more than happy to help you customize, envision, and create your dream photo session.



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